FAQ Speicherboxx

1. You may ask for a non-binding offer. Offer

2. You may be consulted competently by phone. Hotline

3. You may rent your desired BOXX during our opening hours. Opening hours

4. You only require the data named under item 2.

- Identification document

- 1st rent and deposit (one month's rent) in cash or by EC card.

- for commercial rentals, the trade licence or extract from the commercial register.

- Things that can cause environmental damage or other hazards.

- Flammable or explosive, radiating, self-igniting, toxic, corrosive substances.

- Foul-smelling substances.

- Drugs and narcotic substances.

- Waste materials and hazardous waste.

- Perishable goods such as food that may rot and attract vermin.

- Living beings, no matter what species and genus.

- Valuables such as cash, high-value jewellery such as jewels or other valuables such as furs, etc., will not be accepted.

It is closed with a special lock provided to you.

Around the clock and 7 days a week with your personal access code.

Rent and deposit upon conclusion of contract:

- cash

- EC card



- cash

- EC card

- bank remittance

- SEPA direct debit

- standing order

Only the tenant or persons authorised by him/her.

After the minimum rental period of 14 days, the contract can be terminated with a notice period of one working day.

The self-storage business model does not provide for such assistance. However, you are welcome to use our platform trucks, pallet trucks and sack trucks free of charge. We appreciate providing you with the contact details of a removal company we trust in.

You may move to a smaller or bigger box at any time. The rent is charged on a daily basis.

The box must be cleared, all items be removed and the box is to be handed over broom-clean. The lock and keys must be returned to the office.

The deposit, together with any overpaid rent, will be transferred to your account immediately after the final settlement.